Super color center

  • System to manage powders and colour changes
  • Fluidized powder minicontainer
  • Powder levels are checked by means of load cells. Powder consumptions at each colour change are saved.
  • Virgin and recycled powders are pre-sieved using an ultrasonic screen (optional).
  • Virgin powder is fed straight from the box.
  • Automatic system to clean the Venturi pumps
  • Powder discharged directly into the box.
  • Graphic data-display terminal to control all operations.
  • Suction connected to the end filter with shutoff valve.
  • Can be interfaced with the Jsc01 module
  • Production data can be transferred in a CSV file format via the Ethernet port.

• Number of Venturi pumps:      Max 22
• Supply voltage:       220V 50Hz                           
• Air supply:  6 bar

  • Remark: If a system without control modules J is fitted, there is an air by-pass system to clean the Venturi pumps.
  • Satellite control panel for the recovery pump from cyclone.


The era of large tanks is over. The SCC features a small powder container (5 kg) and the Venturi pumps are fitted a little over the fluid bed, which means that powder is always perfectly fluidized and the pumps work with a minimum amount of compressed air. Both the container and the powder feeder record the weight of the powder contained in them.


Everyone knows how crucial it is to sieve reclaimed powder as well as the unrivalled quality of ultrasonic devices. But a few know how crucial sieving is, even when it comes to sieving virgin powder. The SCC is the answer. It features an (optional) ultrasonic screen for virgin and recycled powder at the same time in order to obtain a mix that is always perfect.


The mini-tank is easy to reach and clean.


The emptying system of the tank makes changing colours easy. Before being discharged, the powder is weighted so that the system calculates how many kilograms have been used compared to how many were loaded. The tank also features an exclusive cleaning system for the Venturi pumps.


An innovative pump cleaning system is integrated into the tank.


The virgin powder is weighted before it is fed and transferred into the mini-tank by means of a system that draws product from the box. Below the vibrating table are load cells that check the weight of the remaining powder. If more than 12 spray guns are needed, the vibrating table can be replaced by a fluidized hopper.
System to clean the pick-up rod.


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