Easy Color Center+

  • Easy color center & Easy color center+
  • The simple solution to manage colour changes.
  • Powder is fed from a box or a fluidized container.
  • Powder level checking
  • Suction connected to the end filter with shutoff valve.
  • In the Easy+ model a vibrating screen to sieve reclaimed powder can be added.
  • Larger suction chamber to accommodate a vibrating screen.

• Supply voltage:  220 V
• Inlet pressure:  6 bar
• Number of containers supplied:        1
• Max number of Venturi pumps:  12
• Movable vibrating table:  si                                                      

  • Remark: If a system without control modules J is fitted, there is an air by-pass system to clean the Venturi pumps.
  • Satellite control panel for the recovery pump from cyclone.


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