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Flexibility, innovation and super efficient services. These are the challenges we have faced and beaten in a highly competitive market.

Zeus was established in 1973 and its mission was to make specialised powder coating equipment.
Innovation, reliability, service and compliance with standards are the pillars that guide our daily work and that have led our customers to value our products highly. Since its very origins Zeus have prioritized painters and their needs and consequently, a set of equipment aimed at increasing customers’ production was created. We rigorously choose raw materials and suppliers as well in order to manufacture equipment in our facilities. Each piece we made is also thoroughly checked and tested. In 2004 Zeus were granted the ISO 9001 -2000 by the CSQ. In the same year the company obtained from CESI the ‘Production Quality Assurance Notification’ with respect to risks of explosion to the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 2011. All equipment that operates in potentially explosive atmospheres is also CESI-certified. Flexibility, ability to innovate, reliable property equipment and the proficiency of our technicians have led Zeus to become the ideal partner that can meet all the needs of a modern painter.


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