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The certifications we have obtained clearly show the professional and fair manner in which we work and the methods we apply. 
CESI (Centro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano Giacinto Motta) is a certification body (accredited within the frame of EN/ IEC 17065) for high and low voltage electrical equipment. Besides, within the sector of equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, CESI is a Notified Body under ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and accredited in the IECEx Scheme as a Certification Body (ExCB) and as a Testing Laboratory (ExTL).

ISO 9001:2015 and IQNet Certificates
ZEUS’ Quality Management System (QMS) complies with ISO 9001: 2015, which confirms that we are competent to supply products that meet our customers’ demands, to monitor customer satisfaction, and to ensure continual improvement.

We also attach the company quality policy document for the three-year period.


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