• Robust booths made of dielectric material, easy and quick to clean, recover powder efficiently.
  • Born as a result of the need to change colours several times during one work shift
Booth - Technical Data
• Air capacity: 10.000 - 24.000 m3/h
• Piece width        600 - 1200 mm
• Piece height 1400-2500
• Single cyclone 10.000 - 24.000 m3/h
• Fire protection system 
• Dense-phase powder recovery system 
• Control panel with soft start/(inverter optional) 
• Advanced interfaceable control unit with spray control module 
• Emission sensor on flue 
• Control panel with inverter/ soft start
• System to discharge filter powder into a big bag
Cyclone cone
Filter discharges used powder into a big bag
Pneumatic system to open pipe fittings
  • Why a plastic booth? The advantage of plastic booths over metal ones is that powder does not get deposited on the walls and in this way the recovery system is 100% efficient and cleaning becomes a very easy task.
  • The Venturi-effect cleaning system with microperforations keeps the booth floor clean and free from powder accumulation.
  • The suction system is both strong and soft. Strong so that powder spillage is reduced resulting in a healthy operating environment. And soft because airflow studies show that air-intake inside the booth is uniform and so, it does not spoil the varnish.
  • The colour of walls is not a random choice. The booth interior is very bright and full of light.
  • Reinforced internal frame that lasts longer


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