JDIGITAL-C Manual coating unit

  • Ideal equipment to work straight from the powder box; suitable for colour changing too.
  • The high-efficiency JGUN M spray gun and the JGEN control module combine to ensure optimum coating performance and high finish quality.
  • The right tool that can meet any painter’s production needs.

• Supply voltage, VAC :   220                            
• Power supply frequency, Hz :    50
• Absorbed power, W: 180
• Level of protection: IP 54
• Temperature class (T6), °C : 86
• Working temperature, °C : 5 - 40
• Compressed air supply, bar: 5,5
• Compressed air consumption, overall, m3/h:         9,6

  • Two-position vibrating table of the box to turn the box to any position in order to collect all the powder.
  • Vibrating table with energy-saving system (if the spray gun trigger is not activated for a couple of minutes, the motor goes into stand-by and starts again when the trigger is touched.
  • The pick-up rod can be locked when up.
  • System to clean the Venturi pump (optional)
  • Colour change in seconds.

Pick-up rod can be locked to facilitate cleaning.
Vibrating table with option to set the powder box at any position to facilitate drawing the product.
System to clean the Venturi pump; it cleans the powder carrying circuit.


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