In 1965 came the Coverplast sas, a company That Dealt with lamination of metals.

Zeus Electrostatic Systemhome ZeusIn That Time moved the first steps the epoxy powders with electrostatic principle, this application was made with the equipment on the market at the time.

In That Moment the lack of assistance and the poor reliability of the products, made mature the idea That the firm must be independent from the point of view of the equipment, I arose the Zeus Electrostatic System, a company small but highly concentrated product and especially on the service.

The devices were designed and made by people who had made the powder coating Their reason for being.

The environment of the painting is a difficult and stay connected equipment robust, reliable and efficient, always These are the goals we aim to Achieve That When We design a new gun.

In an increasingly competitive and difficult That means our customers require not only equipment, but Also a partner That will help them to improve and stimuli, to reduce Their costs To ensure that your company remains competitive.

The craftsmanship, efficiency, durability of our products, our thirty years of expertise and professionalism That distinguish us are always the best guarantee to meet the demands of our customers and fans Zeus That the brand is so popular among our customers.

Today, our production includes not only guns and electrostatic generators, but Also cabins to change color quickly, reading systems, shopping powders, reciprocators and all the accessories That characterize the spray booth.

I know Zeus is a supplier to 360 ° covers all the needs of the modern painter

Giacomo Ricci



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